Training and Obedience

I train YOU and YOUR DOG  to effectively communicate and work together.  We use a variety of proven methodologies to teach you to have your dog listen and obey, while staying positive and building trust.  We strive to make training rewarding and exciting for both you and your dog.    


Basic Obedience

Learn the essentials of communicating basic commands with your dog like  sit, down, stand, wait, greeting, leave it and heel.  We also cover walking on a leash and socializing.

Advanced Obedience

Round out your training by improving or refreshing skills learned in basic obedience, plus the start of some specialty work; like tracking, protection or agility.

Canine Good Citizen

Earn a certification for you and your dog that meets the AKC criteria.  You can be a  responsible pet owner and improve your breeds reputation while showing off your good work.

 Issue Resolution

Address any behavioral issues  or desires for new canine skills with our personalized consulting services.  We tailor our learning to fit the needs of you, your family and your canine companion.